Project Description

This was a permitted development project completed as an alternative to the costly alternative of moving home. This young family needed more living space and a home office.
The materials and finish were high end and gave beautiful results. These included double glazed units with integrated blinds (between the glass pains) a luxurious silver, grey shimmer carpet and metallic painted feature wall.
This project was not without certain difficulties. The access issues required a fence panel to be made removable for plant and materials, everything was kerbside delivery and had to be handled immediately to ensure a clear highway. The brickwork has to be laid ‘over-hand’ due to its proximity to next door and the roof had to be designed to allow for the shallow pitch pre-determined by next doors existing extension that was to be matched in design and materials.
We have since been asked to look at a front porch for this very happy family in Portslade.
There is always a solution to problematic projects.