Loft Conversions

Utilising what is currently unused or storage space can be comparable to moving costs all within space that you already own. As a family grows so do their requirements for space and the way the home functions changes too.

As a rule of thumb you can add 10% to the value of your home with every additional bedroom. Most lofts will accommodate 1 bedroom but many can achieve 2 additional bedrooms alongside en-suite and/or bathrooms.

Aside from the obvious reason to add space and value to a home a loft conversion is one of the best ways to insulate a home. Building regulations now require such high u-values that even if you have the recommended 300mm of loft roll a habitable space will be far more energy efficient. Fire safety precautions are also a big factor in loft conversions, you may be surprised how many improvements can be made to your home in this field.

A loft conversion is also an ideal opportunity to improve or modernise the exterior of your home while scaffolding is up and builders are on-site.

Jenner Construction are specialist installers of various weatherboard and cladding systems and have undertaken numerous re-pointing and exterior improvement works alongside loft conversions.

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